Experience Weightless Sitting with Zero Gravity Cushions

Created by Good Monday

The Ultimate Solution for Sitting too much, helping reduce sitting fatigue while improving posture.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

"You've sent surveys to 24 backers so far."
3 months ago – Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 08:17:04 AM


Let's start with our status on "BackerKit.com," and this is what it says, "You've sent surveys to 24 backers so far." Yes. You will receive the survey for shipping information and add-ons for this project. When? this week...! (probably in two days) So... Please check your inbox! 

(It took us some time to figure out the new "add-on" feature by Kickstarter as it's conflicting with  BackerKit's own add-on system. )

Shipping Schedule

  • For US Backers, We will be shipping in two weeks as BackerKit orders are confirmed.
  • For all backers from the other international countries, we will be shipping in the following week, as we need a little more preparation.

Shipping Methods

  • For US Backers,  USPS, UPS, or FedEx, depending on locations (we are shipping from SLC, Utah)
  • For all backers from the other international countries, K-Packets or EMS. (due to lack of availability by DHL, UPS )

Thank you! Super Excited for you to try this!

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BackerKit Survey is ready... we got a small issue though...!
4 months ago – Thu, Oct 07, 2021 at 02:39:43 PM

Hello, Backers

We are sending our survey this Monday as we are ready for shipments 100%. We wanted to wait until we have everything in place. 

A small issue though, we have a shortage on seat cushions; this will effect only 25 people(backers) who bought extra Seat Cushions. We are in the last step to find out how to solve this problem... In worse case scenario, we are looking into options to replace seat cushions to extra back cushions, instead. We will be directly in contact with those who will be affected by this. 

Other than that, we're 100%! Please check the inbox this Monday & Tuesday! (Monday must be the "smoke-test" day for BackerKit, I believe)  Can't wait till you guys try my brand new invention. 

Thank you! Super Excited!

P.S. A Kickstarter project that you may be interested in...


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I will be shipping out your orders soon... very soon...!
4 months ago – Thu, Sep 23, 2021 at 05:54:07 PM

 Hello, Backers!

Thank you so much for making my dream come true. 

Since the very first project- Zero Gravity Upright Posture Cushion, I have been in self-doubt. It was a huge project with more than 4000 backers. I was overwhelmed and excited. I wanted to create a product that could satisfy all backers but the reality was not that simple. All I could see was angry comments and was afraid of logging into Kickstarter at all.  

Now the long-waited second project has come to an end. I finally have some courage to come back to leave a note here.... one week after it's officially funded...  All I can say is "Thank you" "Thank you for the second chance" to present a brand new product to you.

Soon... Kickstarter will deposit money to me. And, I will be sending out a survey for shipping information. As soon as that's done, I will be shipping out your orders immediately. Here's how the shipping will begin. 

1. For US backers,  I will ship your orders in mid-October, shipping out of Salt Lake City. Hopefully, all orders could be delivered before November.

2. For others, I will ship your orders from South Korea or Salt Lake City, wherever faster & cheaper.

3. In November, Zero Gravity Cushions will be available on Amazon USA.

Again... Thank you.  Thank you x1000. AND I hope you love the cushions! Talk to you soon!

5 months ago – Sun, Sep 12, 2021 at 01:06:55 AM

Dear friends and backers,

What a joy it is to write this update. 

The last month has been highly emotional for me and the entire Good Monday team. The launch of this Kickstarter campaign represents a finish line that has been many years in the making. We say 2 years, maybe. Thank you so much again for the ongoing support.


Two weeks after the campaign is over, we will be sending you special links (backerkit or crowdox) for filling out the survey for shipping information. Our inventories are in Salt Lake City, USA, and we will be processing most orders from there. US residents will receive as early as late September or Early October. Yay! After that, we will be featuring the cushions on Indiegogo immediately after, and Amazon after the Christmas season.


Today, I'd love to share a "HOW TO" video with you. I never get on cameras. I was shy, and I am just cringing while uploading this video. BUT, I know darn-well that this video is much needed. For 'Work-From-Home' friends, these cushions will make you feel amazing! I can already feel it.

It's a short video. I hope you enjoy!


If you're into the "Home-Office" & "Work-From-Home" items, check out this amazing Air Purifier for your workspace. All the good work & productivity start with Clean Air; especially this time around. Oh, by the way, it's on Amazon.com and here is the link to follow. (CLICK HERE)

My friend from Army Training works for this company. They set me up with an Amazon affiliate link to share. I may receive a small profit from Amazon for sharing this link. But, I'm mostly interested in sending you good vibes and good information only. And we know Clean Air is good for us. Thanks!

Ahoy-hoy! A Great Start for A New Challenge
6 months ago – Tue, Aug 10, 2021 at 09:29:43 PM


We are so pumped to be back here on Kickstarter with you guys. This is what it’s all about: making wild new products and bringing them to life with y’all, the early-adopting, hyper-thoughtful Kickstarter community. And yes! We already blew right through that funding goal! In just a few hours! What a vote of confidence. But despite that quick and early success, we are just getting started.

I, Dr. Ryan Song, started this journey of building the cushions after COVID-19 has hit us hard and moved our workspace from office to the livingroom, kitchen, and garage. I thought I had to build a solution for those who work from home to prevent us from back pain, hip pain and neck pain. We need to take a preventative and proactive measure; especially this time around, when Doctors' offices are super slammed. *(Heck, I am actually writing this update during the 2-week-quarantine in South Korea, right now).

As a company, we're trying to build an entire company that uses the injection of energy, feedback, and money that a crowdfunding campaign provides to keep our business totally free of outside investment and ownership. By staying independent, we can achieve the following things:

  • Not having to look for cheap materials to maximize the profit; rather, source the right materials to maximize the customer benefit.
  • Not having to meet tight development schedule; rather, take time to develop it right from the get-go.
  • By answering directly to our community of users, I will be able to perfect our concepts. With no investors whispering in our ear, we are free to pursue truly radical designs. 

These values are crucial; especially, when we're trying to build the ergonomic or medical solutions. That's why this project is very personal to me. For that, I'd love to say "thank you for being a part of this journey." I will do my best to never disappoint you. Thank you!

My mission is to help thousands of people selflessly. If you know any one that would benefit from the Zero Gravity Cushions, please share this link with your friends, family, and co-workers. It would mean a world to me. Have an AWESOME day! See you soon!

The Link: